Probably u heard about YouTube (sure you did) and about the thing that u could earn some money that depends on your video reviews. Not a surprise game field is one of the most popular, so, if you love games and was playing them most of your life – there is your time to shine.

One the best and I would say easiest thing to do is to record how you play a viedo game. There are some particular platforms like “Let’s play” where you could put your video and watch how review number is rising up with every minute. The main idea of this is to show people how to develop some game strategies or how to achieve new level. As u know, gaming industry is HUGE, so the amount of people who gonna watch that king of videos are not questionable.

What do you need for this activity to start?

  • Strong PC or other related technics.
  • Video camera – preferably one that records better quality videos. Camera is for your reactions while you playing.
  • Microphone – is for your comments, obviously.
  • Make account in YouTube and set subscribe button.

Also – u should know how to play!

That’s it, make your free time worthwhile and join us – gamers.

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