So, you’re planning a trip to somewhere in the EU, like Sweden or Germany, and want to buy a brand-new phone or some quality upgrades for your computer because you’ve heard it’s cheaper. Well, there certainly are countries that offer low prices for such things, but there are also countries which offer the same prices but you can get some of your money back through VAT return services, which are offered through, and thus make the purchase cheaper.


Check the prices


Before going abroad or just ordering stuff online, closely monitor and compare the prices, don’t just make a hasty purchase. Also keep in mind the different currency rates. It may look like the product costs way less than in your country but once you convert the currency, it may cost even more. Make sure you don’t overpay for the goods. When ordering, check the cost of shipment, as it may make the item more expensive to get.


Remember to get tax refunds


Once you’ve bought the item, you can apply for a money refund through various VAT return services, such as, if the product is eligible. This way, if you buy the item for the same price or even a bit more, you could get a moderate chunk of money back, which in turn might make the whole purchase a lot cheaper than in your country.


The little things


Before buying anything from abroad, also make sure that certain electronics do not come with quirks which can make the user experience a burden for you. Check for the correct power plugs, preloaded presets for your country and such. Replacing an inconvenience like this might make the product more expensive.


Worth it


Once you properly check and compare the prices, make sure the products are eligible for tax refunds through VAT return services that are provided by, and they have no inconvenient quirks, buying electronics from abroad is worth it, as they are cheaper.

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