So you’ve been playing CSGO for a while now, you get the regular weapon cases and you see some skins pop out. Maybe you have used them a little, maybe you still are checking out how they work, maybe you’ve even heard about betting to get more of them. But about everything slowly at a time.

Props, alternative outfits and items that you can change are usually called skins in a game. Talking about CS, this definition is more precise – in the game these are some kind of weapons, for example firearms, knives.

So does it do something? Well, not really. If in other games you can expect that a skin can improve your tactics, help you win, but not in CSGO. Here it is more for design, how you want your character to look and what weapons to have.

But that doesn’t stop players from wanting more: they are even gambling to get more skins. It is embraced by the community as this attracts even more people to visit the websites and play the game more than before.

Of course, if you want to participate in such activity, you have to find a trustworthy site to place your bets, learn about the teams and then you can play.

Even though skins are more a design feature, people are coming up with more ways (like betting) to get them and earn money this way.

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